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FiDUS Power medical grade DC-DC Converters meet strict certification standards making them suitable for patient contact and laboratory analytical equipment.

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Medical DC-DC converters from FiDUS power

Available in SIP and DIP form factors with single or dual outputs, our medical DC-DC converters are available in industry standard package sizes.

High levels of reinforced isolation are available to ensure safety for operators and patients. Full information on MOOP and MOPP standards for each product can be found in individual product datasheets.

Efficient and low noise, all are fully compliant with safety and EMC standards and have class leading reliability. A 5 year warranty is offered as standard on all items.

Industry leading reliability, lower cost

FiDUS medical DC-DC converters have industry leading reliability at a lower cost than your existing supplier. Developed by leading product designers and manufactured by trusted partners, FiDUS Power products undergo rigorous testing to ensure high MTBF. As such we offer a 5 year warranty on all products.

Fully certified and standards compliant

All of our medical DC-DC converters meet high QA standards and have industry leading MTBF. Manufactured in ISO 13485 accredited facilities, they can be trusted to meet the standards you require for your application.

All designs in our medical power supply range are tested and certified to IEC 60601, with full certification information available on the datasheet for each product.

Expert and experienced sourcing and supply

FiDUS Power directors have over 75 years' experience of sourcing and supplying high quality, reliable medical DC-DC converters. The knowledge of the medical market and close relationships with designers and manufacturers enables FiDUS Power to bring high quality medical power products to market at much lower costs than your current supplier.

Application specific technical support

FiDUS Power have recruited world-class medical DC-DC converters experts with detailed knowledge of applications across the medical and analytical equipment industries. This expertise is available to you to support your product selection and implementation. The FiDUS Power team can also advise on modified standards of products that can meet your specific requirements without the cost and long lead times of custom designs.

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