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Approved non-standard power supplies delivered in 2 days

Thursday, July 12, 2018

FiDUS Power now have the ability to deliver rapid samples of modular power products from its facility based in Aldermaston. Utilizing the NEVO600, NEVO1200 and VCCM600 of IT & medically approved configurable power supplies, we can build infinite combinations of fully approved power supplies from 200-1200W.

Stock is held of the AC front ends and the DC output modules which each individually hold safety approvals. Due to the nature of these products, solutions can be configured from 1.5-240VDC with currents up to 100A and single up to 16 outputs from a single product. Interconnects, bus bars and loom kits are in stock to enable us to deliver samples within 2 days and make it simple for engineers to connect products into their system without having to purchase a new crimp tool or hunt down mating half connectors.

Why choose them? The specifications

The NEVO 600 and 1200 have leading power densities in the market place. The NEVO600 being ultra-compact delivering 600W in a 3x5” footprint. The VCCM600 conduction cooled power supply has the flexibility of a configured product with the reliability of a fanless architecture and the ability to remove waste heat from your system via the baseplate.

The products can be used in a wide range of applications, where power density, reliability, waste heat removal, control and monitoring and speed are key. Medical devices, industrial lasers, material testing, semi-fab, industrial automation, outdoor communications and robotics are some of the areas where the products have been successfully used.

The products are fully featured, with remote control and monitoring capability of both voltage and current, AC and DC OK signals, standby rail, global and individual inhibit/enable. The units have a full set of IT and Medical safety approvals to the latest editions, high quality EMC passes and field proven reliability, making these products a good fit for many system designers.

If you have an application, please get in touch for free engineering sample. 

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